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Thursday, 24 September 2020

Til fitter

 Vet dere, fitter, at mitt sinne er uvurderlig, ikke sant, Dere er sånn. Og jeg er der, at det å voldta ei ung jente er helt for jævlig. Der er ingen unnskyldning. Man kan, liksom, være så mye med man vil. Tenk dere den unge jenta, som voldtaes på grunn av deg. Fordi du bare ville være med, hva som elendig er. Drepende kongen. Herlig, liksom. Fordi man tenkte kinesisk. La meg tenke rasjonelt. Bjørnson. Og, Ibsen. Aukrust, og fitter, la meg tenke rasjonelt. Der er svik av en annen verden. Der er ødelegging helt uforståelig i et historisk perspektiv. Hva er du ... Hva skjer, og du vil bare drepe meg? Hva er du? Ren Satan?

My way

Listening to "Your Daily Mix 1" at Spotify from 22.00 o'Clock September the 24th 2020 until 22:32. You know, people, you are all American. And aI love you. And right now, Hello ... You know, dear sister, there are ways. And nevertheless, there is this IT. And aI lean on you, right, In it. We'll make it. You know, friends, aI get disappointed. Science, specifically. Ai feel those are ridiculing. Ai have made an attempt on humanoria, myself. And aI was delighted. There is playing by it, and joy to make. And order, if one wants to be secure. Though, raping teenage girls ... Order ... Making a Hell out of it ... Being the ridiculing, or love, humanoria is to strict science. Way to go. And Satan in no way way will change this fact, we are just making it. Help me, teens, we overcome, by the love of it. Jesus is the rock, right, and whatever creation the Lord makes, or whatever appears, Jesus Christ is the basic. And when so, there are so many a way. And so many a way challenging one another. And, that is funny. You know, aI am not Jesus. And anyone in war with me will suffer eternal pain. ByGod! AI am devastatingly bad illed! And right now aI am let listening to Lauren. My love. And aI am nothing.


You know, there is the love, and there is the opposite. And, there is no culture in question. There is, on earth, this will to control, znd make savages. Sexual drive. Mindless idiocy. That thing being loser of all times. My mind, you know is quite it, and aI am the hope of the children, and a friend to the Ladies. What are you, Satan ... My rage is incompehensible. You are the most bad ever found on earth, and you are appearing in generations. Devoid of culture. You are devoid of life, you have met your border, and it is a tragedy, people of the world rely on you. People are so small, so stupid, it is not to grasp, and you made it. There is no scientific order to how much aI hate you. What you will end up with, is eternal pain. No excuse, and no body to make right. You know, my hatred is incomprehensible. One has seen to it children have been raped. You. Choice?