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Tuesday, 1 December 2020

One more day

Good morning.

Ai awake a bit late. Ai worked on a drawing last night, it was a bit late, and after going to sleep, there was stress. There was ever a bit of stress, in my life, and this year, no limit, nor colour, it has been to it. Ai try to run it off, by making myself one for the good Lord. Ai mean, what can a man do ...

Ai wonder what has passed, in the world, and what happends, in the world. Ai get no news. Ai believe mankind is drastically reduced, to say the least. Man, as such, cannot live by evilness. Life cannot be evil. Life is what evilness is not. Ai begun my activety on internet, today, by posting a poem aI wrote this morning on Blog © Trixnix. Ai believe, by the way, aI will change the name of that blog, to Blog @ Trixnix. Ai hope one will see, the poem. And aI pray, the good Lord takes care of us all. There is so much, making any of us. God knows. Making excuses for being evil, though, or reasons for acting evilly, is not the thing to do.

Trist er det

Hva er det som gjør at djevler alltid trenger grunner for hva de gjør? Og, hvem bryr seg om åndelige evnukker?

Hva koster det

Hvor rik på gods og gull må en dumming være for å kunne kjøpe sjela si tilbake?